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my faerie tale proposal in a castle

Hi everyone!  I've been peeking around on the boards for a couple of weeks now and thought I'd say hello and add my story.  It does need a little background to make sense and sorry it's kind of long, sorry.  I'm American and living in MA.  My fiance is British. He lives in the UK with his two young sons.  We're both mid 30's. We met online playing games on facebook, got to be friends and decided we needed to take it a step further. We're 3000 miles apart most of the time so cherish our time together and are thankful we've got Skype and ooVoo to get us through till the next visit.  

He and his boys came to visit over the Easter holidays and spent 2 weeks with my family.  While he was here he spoke with my mom about taking my grandmother's ring back with him (we'd talked about marriage and knew we wanted to use it).  Apparently he was so nervous, talking to her that he could barely get out full sentences heh. 

Two weeks after he and the boys got back home, I went to visit and meet his family. After spending a week seeing the area where he lives, we dropped the boys off to see their mum for the weekend and then took off for a weekend at his Parents' caravan in North Wales.  The night before we left, I didn't sleep well so I was cranky and didn't want to get up in the morning.  I've got fibromyalgia, so sleep is important to my health. He insisted his parents were making us breakfast and we HAD to be on the road for 9 to make it.  I didn't understand the need to rush but went along with it since it's not his nature to be so anxious.  I tossed myself together jeans and a hoodie and napped in the car on the drive.  We got there to an uneventful breakfast and I asked if it was ok to nap a bit.  Nope...he had to take me out right away.  He's usually so laid back so I was still confused. 

We headed up to the town of Beaumaris and wandered through a festival, looked in the little shops and ate at a chippy.  Afterward, he took me to Beaumaris castle (the pic that's my avatar).  It's the largest castle of Edward I and dates to 1295.  I can't begin to describe how gorgeous the ruins are!  On the way in, I noticed he was fidgety and asked if he was ok.  He insisted he was but was starting to wonder what was up. He was giving me a little tour and he suddenly changed directions and pulled me down a hall.  He took me to the chapel, sat us down on a bench and got down on his knee.  Right before he proposed, the chapel emptied out and it was just us. The actual proposal was just "will you marry me" because he was so nervous that he forgot what he'd been practicing to say lol.  It was sweet and the perfect addition to our fairy tale relationship :)  He later said that in the middle of showing me around the rest of the castle, he couldn't wait anymore and had to propose before he got more anxious lol.

I tried taking pics of the chapel but was shaking so hard that I had to hand him my camera.  Then thankfully someone wandered back in to get pictures of us.  I look like death warmed over, but I don't care.  No way was I not taking pictures! I called home to tell my parents and completely forgot it was my mom's birthday heh, oops!  I really think she understood where my brain was :)

We got back that night and his parents pretended to not have any idea about what happened.  After dinner we walked to an amusement park and came home to find presents and wine for toasting that they had brought with them.  Apparently he'd had it planned for months!  I'm so proud of the man who can't keep secrets! 

Here's a link to pics of the castle, if you'd like to see it : http://www.castlewales.com/beaumar.html

Thanks for listening!

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