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He totally caught me off guard:)

The proposal was a total suprise and he made the entire day so special and totally amazing!:) The day started when we woke up at four thirty in the morning to head to a fiend's beach house to watch the sun rise together (just the two of us Fiance and I:) the friends only stay at the house on occassion). So we watched the sunrise from a balcony right on the beach and drank coffee to welcome in the day:) Then we got a shower and got ready and headed out for a day of fun:) We went to the outlet malls and ha breakfast and then headed to St.George Street (In historic st.augustine which is where we spent the entire day and is also my favorite place ever:)). Then we were looking for a place to park so that we could get out to walk around everywhere and fiance was passing like five different lots that had $5 parking which is good for st.augustine. I kept asking him why we could not just park but he was determined to find another spot. I didn't know it at the time but he had made reservations at panache for us to get a coupples massage as a suprise:) and was looking for their parking lot.:) It def suprised me and we had the most fun getting them. Neither of us had ever gotten one before and we had such a great time laughing and cutting up about it afterwards and during it :) After we continued walking around the old town and then we went and climbed the light house and took in the beautiful view at the top ( we had come to the light house on a previous date together). After, we went and had a nice dinner and sat on the balcony over looking the main street and the ocean. It was such a nice time relaxing and people watching together:) After we enjoyed a nice dinner together we went an got a nice cup of hot chocolate (it was getting cold) and went to the lighting ceremony. It was a suprise to both of us that the ceremony would be going on but it was something that we had both wanted to come watch one day. They do a big count down and then light up the big tree and all of the lights in the city. It was very neat and we enjoyed it. After we headed back to the beach house to take a walk on the beach and get everything together. We went for a little walk and then spread the towel out and sat down to enjoy the beautiful night together. We talked about what a truely amazing day we had together and how everything was perfect. He told me how much he loved me and did noy want to ever live without me and held me tight as we watched the waves. We decided to go ahead and pack up and head home. The wind was whipping all around so he told me to go ahead and stand up and he would hold the towels down and hand me stuff. I stood up and turned around and he got up on one knee and said I have one more question for you, with ring box in hand, he said Ashlee Marissa, will you marry me? I squeeled out what I thought sounded like a yes! yes! yes! and fell down hugging and kissing him. He asked me if that was a yes and I apparently was able to get out a very clear Yes! Yes! Yes! and he opened the ring box to reveal the most amazing ring ever! He put it on me and made the day offcially the most amazing day ever!!:) It was full of wonderful suprises and left me with  a more amazing ring and fiance then I could have ever dreamed of!:) He is so perfect:) This all happened last night:) We want to have an august 2010 wedding and get married in the church that we attend together (It is the first place that we ever met:)) We want tan, white, and light yellow as our colors.We are just starting the whole planning process so any advice on decorations or flowers or pictures or anything is appreciated:) If you are local and know of any good photographers or caterers please let me know:) Thank you for reading my very long story and congratulations everyone!!:) What an amazing feeling to be so in love and know that you get to spend the rest of your life with the man of your dreams:)

Re: He totally caught me off guard:)

  • Congratulations...

    it sounds like it was a wonderful day for a date and even better for an engagement
  • Congrats! It is a very small world. Me and FI were at St. Augustine Saturday and went to the old shops etc. We also were at the Outlet Malls. We were going to watch the tree lighting ceremony but we ended up getting so hungry that we had dinner at the Cheesecake factory instead. I also got a ring Saturday at the Zales outlet... my wedding band!
    [IMG]http://i43.tinypic.com/eoq6r.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i43.tinypic.com/ivxyx0.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i41.tinypic.com/ip9r39.jpg[/IMG]

  • Congratulations!  If you haven't already, you should come over to the North FL board and introduce yourself.  We have a group of great ladies over there!

    I recommend you delete this post though and create a new screen name that does not include your full name.  This is a public forum and there are a lot of crazy people out there.
  • Congrats!! What a great story and an amazing day you both had together! Have fun planning!!
  • Congratulations! I am so glad your day was perfect - he deserves a huge pat on the back and lots of kisses for being such a thoughtful person :)
  • Congratulations!
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