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Oh wow... I can't believe it!

My best friend and I have been unofficially together for 7 years. There has only recently been a label put to us but everyone has been "It's about dang time!!" There was a period about 6 years ago that we "broke up" but were still in constant contact. He IS my best friend, after all. Nothing exactly changed between us... except the label. 4 years ago, college took me 100 miles away from him and we started talking marriage WAY in the future. We'd talk about it and I"d always say, "Wait... wait til after I'm done with school. THEN we can have the wedding of our dreams, whatever we want." Well, apparently he had other ideas.... Fast forward to today, August 25, 2010.

He wanted me to come over to get my help with moving something in his room. This isn't uncommon, I help him move stuff all the time. Laying next to me a 90-minute nap later, he rolls over and asks me. He built both a song that means the world to both of us AND his version of vows into it. He never EVER calls me by my given name, it's been "babydoll" almost from the get-go but he actually said my given name when he proposed. After recovering from my shock (and dissolving into tears), I said YES! We're not telling anyone quite yet because he "wants to do it right". He knows I'm a HUGE Daddy's girl and my family means the world to me so he wants to ask their permission before he does it "for real". I have a "placeholder" until he gets their permission. It may be a little bit yet but who cares... I GET TO MARRY MY BEST FRIEND!

Re: Oh wow... I can't believe it!

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