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Rock City- Lover's Leap Proposal 2-12-11

On February 12th, 2011 My fiance (Jordan) and I celebrated our 4 year relationship anniversary and Valentine’s Day. After guessing all day where Jordan was taking us, we headed up Lookout Mountain towards Rock City. Rock City Gardens is an enchanted 4,100-foot walking trail showcasing soaring rock formations, caves and lush gardens. When we got there I was so excited to see The Enchanted Trail, the 100-foot waterfall, 1,000-ton balanced rock, Swing-A-Long Bridge, Legendary view of seven states from Lover's Leap. I had no idea this is where Jordan would propose to me. I thought it was just another day out enjoying the weather. We walked the trail and came to the gorgeous waterfall that was half frozen. Jordan and I walked out to Lover's leap and looked at the amazing view. I asked him if he was ready to walk around the other places and he said let's take a picture by the waterfall and then we can go. We were on a stone bridge overlooking the waterfall - "You know I love you, right?" and me fumbling through my purse to get camera say "I love you too hun." I see Jordan in the corner of my eye bend down on one knee. In all honesty I figured one of his knees gave out from the trail... but I turned to him and say "ah what are you doing?" He opened the box where the ring was and asked if I would marry him. Truthfully tears came down my face and grabbed him so he couldn't see I was so shocked I forgot to say YES! Still on one knee Jordan tells me it’s ok. I look down at him and the ring and kiss him... "I'm not getting up off my knee until you say Yes (Jordan)" THEN I said Yes! It is all kind of a blur after that... I was in shock for about 20 minutes after the proposal. We then celebrated our 4 years together as future husband and wife.

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