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Engagement party or no??

Ok...kind of a long story here. My FH and I have been together for almost 4 years. We have one son together and another on the way (due in july!!). We aren't technically engaged yet (or at least engaged how others see as engaged ie no ring) but we are planning a wedding for April 2011. He plans on getting the ring in May once we finish paying off some bills. So we are kinda on a time limit here. First off we won't be "engaged" til May, then I will be pregnant thru July. By the time we are able to actually have some sort of engagement party it would be september... only 8 months before the wedding. Do you think that is too close to the wedding to have an engagement party? I really do want to have one for the whole wedding experience and to introduce the bridal party and all that. But I just don't know if people would bother considering only like 6months later they will be attending a bridal shower and then 8 months will be attending the wedding.

Let me know what you think

Re: Engagement party or no??

  • Don't throw your own engagement party. If someone wants to throw you one, great. But don't do it yourself. That kind of takes care of when you should do it, because you shouldn't do it. I didn't have an e-party because no one offered. NBD.
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  • Agreed. Engagement parties are hosted by others (bridal party, family, etc)

    Also, you are engaged.  If you're planning a wedding and have agreed to get married - you're engaged.  A ring is a symbol, not a necessity. 
  • I actually don't know many couples that have engagement parties. Most likely because no one offers to throw them. Bottom line; don't throw your own and it's not necessary to have one anyway.

    Also I'll agree with the pp. You're engaged if you're planning a wedding. A ring is a symbol. Some people may frown on planning and calling yourselves engaged if you don't have a ring on your finger, but I think that's ridiculous. Heck run to Claires at the mall and grab a $5 fake ring if it make you feel better. Congratulations!
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