Just Engaged and Proposals

Engaged over a month and cherishing each moment that leads us to the altar!

Surprised is an understatement, as I look back at our engagement story.  I couldn't have been more side swiped by how my Fiancee proposed!

It was an average Friday leading up to our weekend together.  We had been talking about getting engaged and even pick out a round about date of summer 2012.  I was feeling really good about where we were in our relationship and grateful for all of the conversations, laughs, tears, quiet moments, and even arguments that lead us to the evolved place that were in.  I was headed to his house to for an appointment that we had scheduled and was running late.  When I got to his house immediately he wanted to go on a walk with our pitbull Mari.  It was kind of cloudy out and I wasn't really feeling like going on a walk, so I said, "You guys go, I'll wait here for you.".  He kept insisting, "Come on let's run around with Mari, so she needs to get out of the house.".  I finally broke done and said, "Fine, I'll go!".  

We went for a walk along the bluffs of Pacifica over looking the beach and the ocean.  It was one of Mari's favorite place to run around and be a happy dog.  I was having fun running around through the wild flowers with Mari when I noticed that I was the only one running with her.  I looked over to see where he was and saw that he was standing by himself near the edge of the bluff.  I ran over to him asked him, "Whatcha doing??".  He hugged me from behind and replied, "You know Jen, this is where I knew in my heart that I first loved you.".  Knowing full well where he realized that he first loved me, I answered and pointed, "Actually, it was at that beach over there near Half Moon Bay."  He the said, "Well, it's the same coastline, so I see it as the same place.".  It was at this moment I was getting kind of annoyed at him.  Why was he being so weird?  Then he continued, "I know that we have a strong connection that can never be broken, no matter what!", I then replied, "Yah, were stuck to each other.".  It was at that point I started to sing a really bad cover to Lionel Richie's song, "Stuck on You".  He soon stopped me by saying, "You need to stop, you're going to ruin it!!".  I swiftly turned around because he usually appreciates my goofiness, and said annoyed, "Ruin WHAT??".  As I turned around he was on his knee and blurted out, "Will you marry me?".  My response was, "WWHHAAATT! Are you sure?, oh my gosh... are you sure?  YES!!"

And it was from that moment. for me that our ceremony began.  Fast forward a month later, everything has already started rolling wedding wise.  We have picked out our venue, our caterer, our minister, our vision for the wedding, and the date.  But the most important thing that we have been working on during this time is how we make decisions as a soon to be married couple together and how we find our common ground together!  Life is good and I am looking forward to sharing my future life with my best fried, partner, lover, and future husband.  

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