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Engagement Photos - Ideas?

Trying to rack my brain for fun and creative engagement photo shoot ideas. I've seen a lot of couples really take it seriously with a set theme and a lot of props. Both of us are sneaker fans and we want the pics to have a fun, casual vibe. Your suggestions (or pegs) would really REALLY help!

Re: Engagement Photos - Ideas?

  • You can definitely do sneakers or whatever works for you.  You could go to a place that's special for you like the spot where you got engaged.  Your photographer should have lots of ideas depending on the vibe you want and should be absolutely fine not sticking to a set theme or being too serious if that's not what you want.  If you haven't chosen a photographer yet, find one who has engagement and wedding shots in their portfolio that you like, and they'll work with you.  Sometimes they will even allow for an outfit change so if you want you can take some shots in more dressy clothes and then others that are more casual.
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  • As Megan said, wear what you love and go places that are special to you (anywhere from playgrounds to parks, hiking/outdoorsy, beach, library, etc.). Try various locations and explore how to get that fun vibe you want. Where are you happiest together? What do you like doing together? What are things you have in common (reading, gardening, music, travel, etc.)? Use these elements as backdrops and props and your personality will glow through! While any pro photographer should be able to pick up on your vibe, I am so glad I went with a personal friend (who is well versed in portrait photography), because she knew us and our personalities and was able to cater directly to us. 
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  • Wear something that fits your style. T and I went back to where we had our first date. (It is historic monument) and had our engagement photos done. We have romantic ones where we are kissing and holding hands. Others where I am on his back and we are running around. Its up to you guys. Do it how you'd like. The photographer should know what she wants to do too. You don't have to match, you don't have to be all lovey dovey. 
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  • I agree with pp's. Wear what you both want. It doesn't have to be dressy or serious. FI and I went to a local amusement park and had sooo much fun!
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    As PPs have said, incorporate what you love. We are doing our soon and will be most likely shooting at a disc golf course and various parks. Nothing "themed" necessarily, just what we like :)
  • I have to second what most everyone else has said.  Make it all your own.  You dont want to spend a lot of money on them and then look back a few years from now and wish you had done something differnent. They are your special memories not anyone elses.   Not so sure what I am going to do for mine yet but I know that we will deffinatly have some with our dog in them too, he is our baby and it just seems wrong not to include him.
  • I shot engagement photos for some friends of mine (he has a really nice camera, I have taken classes and been taking pictures for years, so they decided to let me do their engagement shoot!) and theirs were really casual. They wanted an urban feel in the city they live in so we went downtown and the first set of pictures were taken on a parking garage roof during the morning golden hour. Here's one of the pictures to give you an idea:

    The point I'm trying to make is that you don't need a bunch of props or anything to get great photos. That is fine if you want, but what you're trying to capture is you and your fiance in love. I think as long as you're having fun and are comfortable, that will be reflected in the pictures. :)
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