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New :)

I am new to these boards, although I admit I've spent a bit of time looking around this website in the past...

Got engaged last Friday and we've already set our wedding date (June 13th) as we are moving for his job to China in August and I still have classes to finish up in the summer!

Anyone have any really good tips for planning an extremely quick wedding? This timing is not ideal, but we're both really looking forward to the experience of living in a different country.

Thanks! :)

Re: New :)

  • Everything desertmomnm said. Just wanted to add that if you have it in your budget (not sure because of the moving and finishing school, etc.) you should look into a wedding coordinator/planner. Normally I think that are a waste of money, but as busy as you will be with everything else, this might relieve some of the stress.

    Good luck! :)
  • Wow you dont have much time at all. You might not realize how much there is to plan but definately doable! you need to get on it right away though, set your budget, find your venue. There isn't much time for DIY stuff so try to bargain shop. Micheals has 40% off coupons in the paper every other weekend and Hobby Lobby is constantly running sales on bridal supplies.
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    Thank you so much everyone! People keep telling me not to stress and just try to enjoy it, but that is easier said than done when there is so much to do! Luckily my fiance has been super helpful so far, definitely makes a difference. :)
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