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Want to start planning but...

So I've been engaged for 2 weeks now and I am soo excited to get married to the love of my life however I feel like I have so much time that I shouldn't do anything/ don't know what to do. I should mention that our wedding isn't until August 04, 2012. I just don't know what I should be doing? I guess I am just so excited!

Re: Want to start planning but...

  • Congrats!  You definately have a while to work out the details. : ) Enjoy your engagement time.

    I have read that it doesn't hurt to start looking at and booking venues, especially for a popular wedding date or site. But, I still think you've got a while.

    Have fun!
  • You have 2 and a half years to plan (why such a long engagement?) so enjoy your engagement for a while!! Planning is stressful but FUN so you can wait a little while before starting to plan.

  • Oh dont worry! its shorter than mine! I've been engaged since July of last year and our wedding date is set for July 2, 2014. We're waiting until we're out of college and have been working for a year!
  • I'm getting married in August 2012 too, ive been looking at some wedding dresses and looking at venues. just looking though.
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  • I'm in the same boat as you. My fiance proposed to me just before Christmas, but we don't even have a date set. A) We're both still in school, B) we have no money and C) his parent's haven't told us yet if they're helping us out at all. It all comes down to money for us. I could have this thing planned and ready to go if I had the money too. We want to get married in September of 2012. We know a lot of what we want, and I want to book our church and reception venue this summer, but we need at least $500. It's a lot of money and we're getting worried if we can have a wedding at all.
  • I would look at venues and DJs and photo people asap! I booked everything in 09 and was able to secure 09 prices even though my wedding is in 10. I saved about $500 doing that.

    Too early to pick out the details just because you might change your mind.
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  • It's never too early to start planning the type of event you want to have. Look at bridal magazines, research venues, caterers, photographers, etc. to get ideas. Just remember that there's a lot of time left and many styles, tastes, and prices can change. Also, you could start thinking about your guest list. And don't forget to just enjoy being engaged!
  • Ahh thanks everyone for  the support it is good to know that its ok to start look now. We are waiting because I graduate in May 2012 from school and we want to get married before i start my masters in Sept 2012. I am so excited! We don't have much money either but we are willing to work through it I have seen a lot of girls that I work with pull of beautiful weddings with a little budget and his parents want to help a little bit and so do mine.. I guess its all about savings right now! But thank you all again for the great ideas! Laughing
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