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Am I crazy???

I just got engaged may 28th. And am not having the "Big Day" till 2012. I have already found my dress, picked a venue, and looked at photographers. Problem is most everyone will not sign a contract or even deal with me till next year. Why won' anyone take my money. All I want is to have a stress free wedding, well as less as possible. the sooner I take care of these things the better. Am I crazy for planning ahead?

Re: Am I crazy???

  • A little bit.

    I would wait until about a year out.  Your "ideal wedding plans" will change a million times over the next few months, let alone two years.  You can certainly start looking for ideas, but I wouldn't commit to anything quite yet.  Prices change, places shut down, your tastes wll change. Have fun being engaged and leave the serious business for 2011.
  • mmmmmm i don't think you're crazy, because i'm a firm believer in the idea that preparing a lot in advance saves a lot of angst over decision making when that time comes.

    take the above advice, and log all your ideas. ask your vendors when they will start booking you, and wait until that day. when it comes, if you still have your heart set on those particular things, then book away!

    but for now, i'd stick to planning ideas, but not actually booking anything yet,
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  • Not necessarily crazy, but there is a thing called 'micromanaging', which you will want to avoid.  And just because you have over a year to plan doesn't mean it will be stress free.  At the same time, FI and I will be engaged for about 7 months and it has been pretty stress-free. 

    I agree with PP that you should just enjoy this time and then begin to really plan in 2011.  These vendors aren't dealing with you right now for the good of their business. 

    And please heed my advice:  if you plan too much in advance, you will drive yourself crazy because you have nothing to do. 
  • Not crazy at all! We just got engaged in February and our wedding will be in may of 2012 as well, so congrats!

    The best idea is to get an organizer (Bridal stores like David's Bridal have really good ones with a folder for every kind of vendor you will need!) Keep all the information in there, like your top three pics for each vendor. Then come next year, you can revisit them.... some vendors may have closed, prices gone up, or they may just not be what you are looking for anymore! But either way, you will be fully prepared to start booking as soon as they are ready for you!

    I have to agree though, for something as important as a wedding you would think these places would understand booking ahead 2 years! I've gotten some borderline rude responses from people who feel I'm wasting their time by researching this far in advance, and I'm not even trying to book yet!! Best of luck to you!
  • def not crazy - just prepared and a planner

    but you will have to wait unless you decide to make it 2011 most venues wont book until the year before.  right now we have our venue booked for 9-10-11 and we cannot put a hotel block at the venue until 9-17-10....

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  • Agree with pps.  Prices change year to year and also you don't want to risk giving someone a deposit who may not even be in business in 2012 (this economy sucks).  Def start making lists of vendors you like and things like that but i wouldn't sign anything this early. 
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  • Not crazy, you are just excited! 

    But agree with PPs, take your time. Your date will not be taken this far in advance (I'm having an 11.11.11 wedding and all my vendors have been available) 

    Relax, enjoy being engaged and just log your ideas! There are little note cards all around my house with the different ideas I come across. I don't want to get started on them all yet because I'll have no where to put them for a year and a half! 

  • Thanks all. I have a planner and am going to a couple bridal showers to give me some idea's but am not confiming anything till the date is closer. One year time line untill then doing some little projects here and there.

    Thanks again all!!!.

  • Jelenny - We are getting married on 09/10/2011 also! Congrats and GL!

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