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My photographer flaked out....

So my photogragher, who seemed like a dream come true at our consultation, is turning into the complete opposite now. I've been unsuccessfully trying to set up our engagement pictures for weeks now. SHe literally takes a week or longer to answer an email. We had set up our engagement pictures, but didn't set up the basics--what time? where we'd meet? etc....and I emailed her three times in the week and a half before...and even called her and left a voicemail, without responses. She eventually emailed me back and said she thought she had respinded via email, but at that point it was too late, considering the E pictures were supposed to be that day. In the follow-up email, she said she'd put me in for the following week (this week) for wednesday and asked me if that would work. I responded minutes later (my emails go right to my iphone)....and now a week later, and when our photos are supposed to be in two days, I have gotten no reply. It literally has taken a week or more to get any response from her, and thats after mutiple emails and a phone call. I already gave a non-refundable 500 dollar deposit. I'd had to lose that money, but she seems so unreliable, and I'd hate for this to continue up until my big day. Should I try to find a new photographer and lose the 500? Or stick it out with her? Suggestions?

Sorry it's long!!
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