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    [QUOTE]The fact that you're worrying about what cut to get over your marriage to your FH shows where your priorities are.
    Posted by [email protected][/QUOTE]

    Wow! That was a little rude. I've been with my FH for 6 years now and we have two kids, so I know where my priorities are. I don't wear that much jewelry, so my FH really wants me to pick out something that I will really like since I will be wearing it for the rest of my life. I've told him to surprise me, but he insists that I go with him to pick it out. My post it just a curiousity of what others have and like. I know it all comes down to me trying it on and seeing what works for me.
  • Ignore butterflies.  She's conducting social experiments on other boards in an effort to insult other members. 
  • I have a cushion cut and love it, but it really depends on you personal preference. I second the suggestion to check out the 'bling board' on PriceScope!

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