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Just Engaged and Proposals

it was perfect for our mudfoot family ♥

I went out in the first run with Ben's Uncle Frank, and he kilt me with mud, he has an open top Jeep and i was in the back, so obviously i was going to be destroyed. So i literally had mud pancaked in my hair lol. An hour or so later Ben said "let's go for a run" in my head i'm thinking..."someone else should go, i already went today" but i didn't say it (thank god) so i walk to the truck and its just me and him, and Ryan (little did i know that Ryan already knew this was going down...everyone knew lol) so we went to the first run and got stuck, we got pulled out and the truck didn't want to start (i'm sure ben was freaking out at this point) so it gets going and we pull around to the other side of the pit in a big circle, and as we're driving he says he look...so i look towards where our trucks are and our girls and Ben's aunts were holding the sign...i barely even read it, just enough to see the marry part and i knew and i was freaking out ♥ The girls weren't huge on it cause they were pissed that i left them there so they were screaming....so we're in the truck i read it and punch him and yelled "you asshole!"  and he's pulling out the ring and i'm shaking...so i kissed him and maybe half way tackled him, his whole family was screaming so everyone at the mudrun seen it hahaha...so then we ran again and got stuck deep...after we were done with the run we went back to our trucks, ben went and cleaned off "Snowflake" (thats what Mackenzie named our mud truck), so i walked over there to talk to him (i was still shaky and kind of just kept walking to keep myself from driving people crazy with my excitement). Ben says "you still haven't said yes." i said "gahh yes!" and gave him another kiss :)


after i punched him :) he was putting the ring on my finger at this point ♥

my cheesy excited smile

sooo excited :)

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