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I just got engaged last Thursday. It was a total surprise! We've been talking about marriage but I wasn't expecting a proposal last week. I'm excited.

So now I'm trying to nail down a date. I suggested October 2011, but FI doesn't like that, thinks it's too soon because it's next year, so we're thinking April 2012 (working around Easter, of course). I would be okay with October as we have no big reason to wait. We don't have to do it right away either. Is April 2012 okay? It seems so far away.
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  • I'll admit, April would be a little tough for me just because of the anticipation. But I'm a very impatient person... lol 

    I wouldn't say October next year is too soon. My FI and I got engaged at the end of March and are planning our wedding for June 2011 so we have 15 months to plan. A lot of venues book about a year in advance where we're having it so it worked out pretty well for planning purposes.

    If you do decide to have it that next April you'll probably just want to wait a little bit before you start any concrete planning or booking. That would have been the hardest part for me.

    But it's totally up to you guys and what works for you. The other thing to think about is what kind of wedding you want. Depending on where you live and if you wanted to do an outdoor wedding weather could be a big factor. I know here spring and fall have two totally different feels.
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  • A year is a good and common timeframe, I say go for it but I'm totally biased because our date is 10.1.11.  If you choose that date you have to come to the month/year board, we have a lot of fun there.  Congrats!  :)
  • FI and I will have a two year engagement almost to the day (got engaged Nov 1st, 2009 will get married either Nov 3rd, 4th or 5th 2011). It will really be us to the two of you whether you want to get married in Oct. or April but just know that getting married in a little over a year or getting married in over a year and a half are both common and doable things.
  • We're having a 22 month engagement.  Got engaged 5/18/10 and getting married 3/17/12.
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  • My FI and i were back and forth on this too.  We got engaged in April of this year and I wanted a spring/summer wedding.  We were back and forth between 2011 and 2012, but i didn't want to wait that long, and it worked out best this way cause i got into Grad School and was able to defer for one year.  Now the wedding will be finished before I start.  The problem with waiting too long can become you don't know whats down the line and life throws lots of stuff at us.  Talk to your FI about your reason for doing it sooner rather than later. 
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  • Dferrari - yeah, I'm having a tough time with April. Oct '11 would put us at 15 months, which is doable. Spring and Fall in NC is not too different. In the Spring we have the pollen (to which I am allergic). In the Fall we have the foliage which is lovely. I'm staying away from Winter because when we get snow, which is rare, everything shuts down, and I like snow, but I don't think I will like it on my wedding day. My luck it would be the big blizzard I've been wanting. Yes I'm weird. And Summer is too hot.

    future-mrs - thanks :-) If I can convince him to go with October I'll be right there at the month/year board!

    skyler - good to know that it's not uncommon to get married in over a year and a half. If I can't convince him to move it up a few a months I guess that's where we're at. Still, it's not like we have other goals to meet first (i.e. school, finding jobs). He's very nervous already and thinks he's going to faint at the wedding.

    HobokenBride - how has 22 months worked out for you? Have you found the time to go by quickly?

    AmandalovesAl - thanks for the advice. We'll keep the discussion going.

    Thanks everyone!
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  • Yeah a lot of people are having long engagements. I just got engaged on Saturday and we're talking about getting married May 26, 2012. I feel like it'll be a lot better for planning because you can get everything done early and then have a lot of time being relaxed as opposed to rushing to get everything done right before your wedding. Congrats btw!
  • Just as a word of caution, if you already have a venue in mind, I would check out their availability in October before you get your more too set on something. I recently got engaged as well and I found the venue that I wanted was booked until November 2011. I had my heart set on October and I was pretty let down. However, not all was lost. I'm happy with my 11/5 date now. :)

    But my advice is if you want October, don't wait too long to book! It's becoming a popular time to get married.
  • aleigh - Thanks! It's good to know that you are looking at a 2012 date too. That's definitely lots of time to plan.

    Birdie - I heard a similar story from another couple last night. They wanted an October date, but a venue and a caterer weren't available until November, so they got married on 11/3. We do have a venue in mind and need to check it out first. Thanks for the advice!
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  • Spacepastry- We've been engaged 3 months so far and the time has flown buy.  FI and I are both teachers so once school starts in Sept. we woun't even have time to think about the wedding until next June!  At that point we'll be 9 months away.
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  • Your engagement period will fly by, so no matter which date you choose, it may seem slow going at first, but then you will ask yourself where did the time go. We were engaged for about 14 mos and that worked for us.
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    HobokenBride and MissySue - just wanted to give you a quick acknowledgement and say thank you for your responses. Being busy will certainly make the time fly by, and busy we will be.
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