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Sand, Salt, and Shot Glasses

So, I've been engaged for about . . . 50 hours now?  Yeah.  Laughing  Super excited, but overwhelmed, and figured here was a good place to start!

The Story
I recently relocated to a new town to start my career.  About 2.5 weeks prior to that, my fiance (ack!!! I have a fiance!!! :) ) changed careers as well.  All of this means that in the past month or so, we haven't seen a whole lot of each other.

He wasn't able to "see me off" when I moved, and it stung, but I understood.  He got back into driving truck, and his company sent him on a 2-week road stint that had him going out to CA, then down through the southwest, into TX, then back up to home (Madison, WI for him).

He got home Friday early Friday afternoon & tore around like a mad man to get up here (I'm 3.5 hours north now).  He had to stop and pick up some stuff from my parents that I wasn't able to bring up during the big move, and he was bringing that in.  I kept asking if he needed help, and as usual, he wouldn't let me help him.  He finally stood just outside my door and said he had something for me, but he had to put it together.  I was told to get a glass of wine and sit down.

So I did.

He came over by me with a glass bowl.  In the outermost bowl, he had placed sand from the desert he drove through in Arizona.  Nestled in the sand was a smaller bowl filled with salt from the Bonneville salt flats.  Inside of that bowl was an over turned shot glass from Texas.

Now, he's telling me about his time on the road, and explaining where each of these things came from.  He removed the shot glass, and said, "I've been all over this country alone, but now I have someone I want with me all the time.  Will you marry me?" and took out the ring that was nestled in the salt, under the shot glass.

In between laughing & crying, the first words were, "Are you SERIOUS??"  I was just shocked.  Then I laughed & cried some more and OF COURSE said yes!!

And now I'm here - trying to figure out how to make this whole wedding deal happen!  Totally looking forward to getting to know you & getting advice and hints!


Oh, and the ring: 
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