Just Engaged and Proposals

Newly engaged..needs help!

Our engagement was a total surprise even though I thought i knew it was coming. What really threw me off was when i got NOTHING for Valentine's day (except a card). Four days later we went on a couples trip to the Poconos and found myself being proposed to during a game of Tabu!! The word I was supposed to guess was "Proposed" and sure enough he got down on one knee during the game and proposed. It was classic and perfect and all together a surprise. Now that I have come back down to earth I'm super stressed. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good wedding planning book (I've seen them at Barnes and Noble but there are too many choices)? I'm looking for something to help keep me organized but that I can also use as a keepsake once the wedding is over. Also, does anyone have any advice on keeping the invite list to a minimum but without pissing off family members?? And what about kids vs no kids in attendance? If kids are allowed does that mean I need to plan for a kids menu as well? 
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