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What do I do now??

I might get flamed for sounding like such an idiot but I have no clue what I should be doing now that we're engaged... Mainly because our wedding date is set for April 2012..

Do I have an engagement party around now or do I wait?
How do I announce to everyone we're engaged...send something in the mail?

forgive me for being completely clueless...any advice will help

Happy Friday!!!
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Re: What do I do now??

  • You do not throw your own engagement party, so for that you do nothing.  We just told people word of mouth. 

    As for wedding planning, have you tried TK's checklist?  I guess first thing is to set a budget and decided what kind of wedding you and your FI want, big, small, formal, casual, outdoor, indoor, church, those kinds of things. 
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  • just start invisioning what you want the wedding to look like, the budget, the guest list. definately look at the check list on theknot. its a wonderful help. my wedding is in june 2012. and i felt the same way. and everyone above is correct. you do not plan your own engagement party. and for the letting everyone know your engaged, post it in your local newspaper, on your facebook, twitter. anything that you want. you could call the most important people in your life and than let word of mouth spread the good news. =].  don't feel alone, i am pretty oblivious about wedding planning too. im only 18 and have no idea what the next step is. but congrats on the engagement!

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