Teachers getting switched out so confused on class work

Oh my gosh this summer quarter has just been so bizare!!! At the begining of the quarter I had only 2 teachers for 4 classes that I bounced back and forth from. About 1 week ago one of my teachers got told by her doctor she needed an immediate hip replacement because she was just in to much pain. So the first class I had her in got switched to someone knew anf the second class I had her in got switched to the lady I had for the other two classes so I had the same teacher for three classes in a row. Well this teacher as far as i am aware has cancer I belive so she has canclled class at least once a week. Yesterday I got an e-mail from the teacher that got switched into my first class that she was our new teacher for one of the classes the other teacher took over. We had class today but she didn't show up so I have no idea what is going on there. But now I don't know that since my teacher had to be replaced for the one class if she is being replaced for the other 2 classes as well. If your confused at all welcome to my brain right now! I have no idea what homeowork to do, how my grades are moving around, or how to do half of my assignment because we haven't had enough class time to go over every thing!
Oh goodness my brain just exploded I think....
Here is a chart that helps with the switching problem
CLass 1 Teacher 1- Teacher 3
Class 2 Teacher 2- teacher ?
Class 3 Teacher 1- Teacher 2- Teacher 3
Class 4 Teacher 2- Teacher ?
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Re: Teachers getting switched out so confused on class work

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