Being a student with no insurance is awful

My school does not require that we have health insurance as they have a student health program that will cover most minor ailments free of cost for full time students. My parents do not have insurance because my mother's work does not cover it and my dad is disabled. We had relatives try to put me on their insurance but it would have expired when I was 19. I cannot afford health insurance on what little I make during the summer- can't work during the school year in order to keep scholarships.

Well, guess who managed to screw up her knee in the first few months of college last year. The pain comes and goes but it gets ridiculous when I cannot walk and need to get to class. I tried to tough it out for a while, but it got worse. I went to student health, and they cannot order any tests for the kind of injury we think it is.

I am not the kind of person to ask for help normally and would normally work to pay for the treatment/possible surgery, but it is getting to the point I'm not going to be able to do my job this summer. A local hospital has a program for those who are uninsured or need charity assistance where you can get a major discount on medical bills., and I am debating whether or not to check into it. What do you think? I am not going to be graduating for a while still, and FI said he would help once he gets a new job, but there are not many showing up. (He was hoping something would turn up so he could put me on his insurance, but everyone is saying call back in a couple months for one reason or another.) What we make now is enough to live on the way we do but not pay for major surgery out of pocket.
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Re: Being a student with no insurance is awful

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    You should definitely look into your local hospital's free care fund.  My parents are un-insured and they get all of their care (hospital stays, lab draws, x-rays, etc) through the hospital for 75% off. 

    Also, search the internet a little more and their may be low cost health insurance available for your area that you just aren't familiar with.  I do not get health insurance through my work so I buy my own, and I pay less than I did when I paid the monthy premium for it through work.  I used to have Kaiser and I paid $110/month for full coverage.  I know have Blue Cross Blue Shield and I pay $90/month.  So there are very affordable, legitimate plans out there, you just might have to do some digging.

    Also, if you are over 18, is there any way you qualify for Medicaid?  You might want to at least chek and see what your stat's cut off is for individuals.

    Good luck, and I hope you get your knee fixed soon.
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    So sorry to hear this!! 

    I wish I had some advice. Sending good thoughs your way!

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    Went to student health and they wouldn't even run the x-ray to make sure I hadn't chipped a bone. Most students here refuse to go because it's such a joke.

    As an update to anybody wondering, I went to the hospital and it is confirmed that it's nothing in the bone, but they're not sure about muscles, tendons, or ligaments. I have been referred to an orthopedic surgeon, but need to deal with the charity program at the hospital first. It's been almost 4 weeks and I have not received a bill or much info on exactly who to contact yet.
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