Intro/ Share your stresful bride/student stories with me!!

Intro: Ive been a lurking knottie for a while and use a couple other boards but am new to this one. I am a SR, graduating in May,  at Oklahoma State University majoring in animal science with a minor in Ag Economics I am currently applying to several different schools for their MBA program.

I have good grades and am involved on campus to hopefull increase my likelyhood of getting in to grad school, but this last semester have found it extremely hard to keep up with school, work, I manage a student property, wedding planning, applying to grad school,  and keeping up a well balanced realtionship with my FI and friends.

Please tell me Im not the only one who thinks all this is stressful????

Re: Intro/ Share your stresful bride/student stories with me!!

  • I've just started my MA in Physical Education, and I've currently got four jobs: lifeguard and swim instructor at a private club, lifeguard at a city pool, swim coach, and research assistant for my supervisor and a PhD student. It's CRAZY!!! 
  • I'm graduating in May (with undergrad). FI will finish his master's program in August. We're getting married in March, during our quarter break. Our wedding is not huge, about 100-130 people. It's been very stressful as I am heavily involved with the student newspaper. 

    But I'm a weirdo who kind of likes to be stresed. I get stuff done well and efficiently under pressure.
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    I am graduating in May. Then leaving for a full time summer job from June-August. Getting married in October. Oh, and my fiance proposed right before fall semester finals. I spent finals week struggling to concentrate between everyone congratulating me, my fiance trying to plan too early, my mom and FMIL asking me a billion details. :)
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