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How to go about with a Hair/Makeup artist

I don't even know if that's the right way to put it but, I think I am just going to use my hair stylist for hair and makeup. She gave me her pricing but how do I go about telling my Bridesmaids the pricing and stuff. Do I tell them I need a head count?

Re: How to go about with a Hair/Makeup artist

  • jagore08jagore08 member
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    My hair and makeup people just asked for the head count three days before to work out their schedules (since more people is more time).  I offered to pay for my BM and mothers hair and makeup so I asked them to just let me know if they would like to have it done.  Ask your person if they do need to know how many people and by what date.  If you're not paying for them just let them know that you have someone available and the prices but that it's not required.
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    Perfect thank you Kiss I would like to pay for everyone ..  I am hopeing I can since everyone is traveling from NY, PA & NJ. I am going for a second job interview tomorrow for extra $$ so hopefully this will be possible
  • melhigsmelhigs member
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    Good for you for wanting to treat your bridesmaids, and earning the money honestly (not just adding it to a parent's bill). That's real generosity!
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