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I found a post from this summer about a couple of brides using NAS JAX for their ceremony and reception. Are there still girls on here using NAS JAX? I would love to talk w/ someone b/c I'm also using the Officer's club and chapel but am running into some problems along the way. Thanks girls!


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    I almost got this place for my venue, i talked to the guys who works there a couple of times, this was the first day where i went, and it was so convenient, so i wanted to go with this one, after 2/3 weeks, when i finally decided and called and talked to a woman, she said that the dates had been taken a year ago, when i remember asking him a lot of times about the date....So i recommend you make an appt. with the woman.Good luckDiana!
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    Thanks for the reply! I already have our date booked at the chapel and Officer's club...thank goodness!! But they're just really weird about meeting w/ me and setting up a menu and other stuff like that. It's kind of frustrating. They didn't have a problem taking our rental fee, but now they're MIA for phone calls. I'll get in touch with them somehow! Thanks again!
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