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I uninvited guests 15 days before my wedding.

Yeah, that's how I roll...lol. The real story is this, I invited a girl that I was friends with and her fiance b/c her stepdad and my dad are great friends and her stepdad has known be my entire life. Well, there's all this drama b/w her and her FI and my family (I'm not part of the drama). I decided that my wedding will not be the venue for her and her FI's drama so I asked her not to come to my wedding. I told her that I want my day to be happy and worry free and she'll want the same thing for her day. She replied that she wasn't coming anyway, I won't be invited to her wedding and for me to have a good life. Whatever... there's no real point to this, I just needed to vent. Have a happy weekend!
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Re: I uninvited guests 15 days before my wedding.

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