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Where to get my dress altered??

I have looked on local.com, yahoo, and everywhere trying to find reviews on alterations places in St. Augustine to take my wedding dress. I'm finding nothing! If you know of any places that you know of that are great with wedding dress alterations, please shoot me a message! Or, if you know of any that I should avoid, that would be helpful too! I have found good reviews on a place in JAX, but if I don't have to travel that far I'd rather not.

Re: Where to get my dress altered??

  • The only one I know of and who I am using is in Jax...sorry. It's Martha Shump Designs. I know it might suck to travel, but she's great. I was in a Confederate Ball a few years ago. I had to wear a big poufy, antabellum type dress. It was a wedding dress size 10, with a bunch of beading all over it. She took it from a 10 to a 0 and had to take off all of the beads and then rebead the entire thing, by hand. She basically made me a new dress it was only $150. My dress for my wedding needs to be taken in a few inches, she's making a more dramatic sweetheart neckline, lowering the back, hemming it, and adding a pouch with my new monogram and wedding date for under the skirt. All of that came out to under $200. She really is the best in the area. (Sorry this was so long, I just wanted to emphasize how good she was, and that it may be worth it to travel--especially because she is priced really well!)
  • Thanks! I'll look her up. I'm sure there are good places around here, but I'd much rather take it somewhere where I feel comfortable. I want to have a lot done to mine too, so i definitely appreciate the advice!
  • I agree with Martha Shrump - she's doing my wedding dress as well. Such a sweet lady!
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  • Avoid aaa alterations- I took my dress there and all the alterations lady kept saying was that I should have bought a different dress because this one has lace overlay and it's a pain to deal with and basically belittled the dress the whole time- every bride knows when you find the dress it doesn't freaking matter if an alterations person might find it a pain it's all about if u love it or not. They also questioned why I bothered spending money on my wedding and didn't just got tithe court house!
  • That is terrible! I can't believe someone would say that. That is incredibly unprofessional. Thank you.
  • I also recommend Martha Shump - she is doing my dress as well.
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