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Christmas Decorations

Hey Ladies!

I am sorry to bother everyone but I am a former knottie whose marriage didn't last pass 15 months. Since I am now single again I am downsizing my apartment. My ex-husband was very into decorating for Christmas however I am not since I am going to my parents to celebrate.

Anyways I had three bins of Christmas decorations that I purchased last year to decorate my apartment.  Well now I have no need for them and I think they are a wonderful starter kit for a new family.

These items have only been used once and are in their original boxes. I have an ad on craigs list and I have taken pictures for everything. I am asking $100 for everything but I am in the place to bargain since I am moving next month.

so if you are interested in any any Christmas decorations please e-mail at [email protected]

Thank you for reading this and I apologize if I offended anyone by selling this on the boards.


[email protected]

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