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How long should it take a photographer to post photos?

I got married 5 weeks ago Saturday and have only received one photo from our photographer and that's because I begged! I used that photo for our thank you cards. Other than that one photo, I haven't received a sneak peak, just a lot of excuses of why I don't have it yet. Our contract said 2-3 weeks. Has this happened to anyone else? Thoughts on what can be done?

Re: How long should it take a photographer to post photos?

  • Depends on how busy they are (and how lazy they are.)  I used to date a wedding photographer and he was able to knock it out easily in 2-3 weeks unless he's really far behind or working another job that limits his time to work on photos outside of the weekend when he may be shooting other weddings.

    Some photographers have no respect for brides and can take months to return the finished photos.  This is different than if he personally retouches every photo before showing it to you (this is what really expensive photographers do, my ex would do this for the $3000+ weddings because they expected a finished product rather than early prints.)  There's not much you can do except remind him about your contract and let him know that he is making you worried that something happened to your pictures.  Once you have your pictures make sure everyone knows that he delays getting back the prints and/or posting them.  If it's getting to the point that you're afraid he lost your pictures you may need to take legal action but if they're gone a lawsuit is not going to make pictures reappear, only money.
  • If your contract says 2-3 weeks, and its been a lot longer without any valid reason given (death, illness and the like).. I would send them a certified letter saying they are in violation of their contract and you are allowing them 2 weeks to get them done before taking action.
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