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Bad/Good Idea? Dancing part of July wedding reception outside at night...

We are having our wedding/reception at The White Room Rooftop on July 12, 2013. The ceremony is set for about an hour before sunset, then cocktail hour and dinner inside. I really want to have the dancing part of the reception back outside on the rooftop to dance the night away under the stars and twinkle lights. We do live in FL and it will of course be hot and humid, but it will be night next to the water/bay...if we rent a fan and we are doing program fans, do you think doing the dancing part of the reception outside is a bad idea for FL weather?  Thanks for your help!

Re: Bad/Good Idea? Dancing part of July wedding reception outside at night...

  • Just my persosonal opinion but yes.  It is hot and when you are dancing you will get even hotter.  I don't think anyone will want to be drenched in sweat in nice clothes.
  • I would say as long as you people have access to air conditioning it would be super fun. A rooftop venue will have great scenery at night with all the city lights and the water. Their could be a nice breeze but fans are always a good idea. Maybe even setup a table for water outside as well.
  • Once the sun goes down, it will cool off.  Go for it!
  • Yeah I don't think it is going to be too hot with the fans. And if people want to go inside by the air then they can !!
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    The water does keep it cooler but fans wouldn't be a bad idea - and maybe a tent in case it rains? Or if it rains not sure if the white room just says you need to do it inside. The wedding I went to there was in August but they kept the dance floor inside which was a little cramped. The outside for happy hour was really nice though with the different tables and seating options.
  • you could always do it on the roof top with a clear top tent and then have the fans or even portable ac under it. my cousin got married in the park at night with a clear top tent from nationwide tents and it was beautiful! they hung twinkle lighing and paper lanterns from the top and made it absolutly gorgous and the ac was def a must!
  • Hi! We just booked July 19th 2013 at The White Room Loft and Rooftop too!!!   I am a little worried about the heat as well.  But I think being on the rooftop and right by the water there will be a good breeze.  The nice thing about the venue, if it is too hot the loft is a fantastic space!  Are you having your ceremony at The White Room Rooftop? 
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