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I am 99% sure that we will have bagpipes played at the wedding, our venue is an old restored castle & it just really fits our venue, My question is how much should I have him play, I know that I want him to play during guest arrival & during the room reset when we will be serving refreshments on the drawbridge while the Great Hall is being set up for the reception, but he charges a flat rate for his services no matter what
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Re: Bagpipes

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    Not sure I quite understand you.... the bagpipe player charges a flat rate, as in no matter how many hours he plays, he charges the same price??

    Is it more like 2 hrs= $400 vs. 5 hrs=$400?

    Or $100 per hour be it 2 or 10 hours, no discount on number of hours?

    (just plugging in random numbers btw, i have no idea how much a bagpipe players charge lol)
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    I'm also unclear on the pricing. Do you mean he charges X per hour? If so, I'd say you'll probably have to pay for the times even when he's not playing (kind of like with other vendors - like photographers - you pay for their presence even when they aren't taking pictures, like during dinner).

    Also, bagpipes are a great idea and are beautiful when played well, but how close will he be playing to the people arriving/during the room reset? In my experience, bagpipes tend to be SUPER loud (we had bagpipers at my father's funeral) and there's no way you can talk without screaming over them. If it's when people will be mingling, it may block out their ability to talk amongst themselves.

    Just wanted to throw that out there. I by no means think you should change your plans, just take that into consideration!

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    I love the bagpipes idea!  A friend of mine had them play at her wedding (her family is part Scottish).  Ditto on the pricing thing??

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    he charges a flat rate to play for the wedding/reception ..so he will play as little or as much as you want him to during that time, it's actually not that expensive, he charges $275 flat rate...I think we will only have him outdoors to play during arrival & during our room reset, I think that will be good :) sorry that I wasnt more clear about the price!
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