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update on the SOOO UPSET post earlier......

i took the ring to the jeweler today (small pave diamond fell out around the halo for the 2nd time in less than 2 weeks) and manager literally had the attitude of "yea whatever, no big deal, calm down." OMGGGGGG......i literally flipped out on him and he said this was absolutely ludicrous and the ring is defected! he said he could send it out to "corporate" under the warranty to california (im from jersey) and it would take two weeks or i can switch it out and pick another setting. so i looked at the other halo bands they had and the ones that i liked the guy kept saying......nope that one can only fit a smaller diamond in it....nope THAT one needs a bigger diamond.....wtf???? and for him to make my diamond fit he would have to "custom" fit my diamond which would cost us money!!! im not giving one more dime to these idiots. these people have zero credability to me and i do not trust that they will take care of me or that the stones will not fall out again. ive decided to take the ring to my own personal jeweler who i know and let hiim work on it. yes it will not be free but atleast i trust him and my ring wont be floating around cali with got knows who! if any of the diamonds fall out after that.....im simply going to have to replace the band with something a little more sturdy:)
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