is this a dumb idea?

I am having my wedding reception outside at kiwanis park. Since there will be practically no dancing (probably just a "first" dance) I was thinking of having yard games for guests to play. I want to have something for guests to do besides eat so I was thinking maybe horse shoes and other games. Is this a dumb idea? If you were a guest would you play any games? Also, what are some other outdoor games that would be fun and appropiate for a reception? Thanks.

Re: is this a dumb idea?

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    Do it!  Do croquet too.  It's classy.

    Seriously, I think that sounds very cute and fun.
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    I think it sounds fun! You could play badmitton! or frisbee. or that game where you have a piece of wood with a hole in the center set up at an angle and then you try to throw bean bags through the hole. My FI and his work friends call it "corn hole" but I don't know if that's what it's actually called. haha. or tug of war. or shuffle board if you get the set up. HTH!
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    I love it. I would play horseshoes, cornhole, or frisbee. I went to a wedding once where they had frisbees custom made as their favors, which could be awesome! I heart croquet, too! I like the idea a lot. :)
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    I like it :D
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    I love it! get some different stuff like bags (cornhole), bocce ball, croquet, badmiton, horshoes, ladder golfk, etc. it will be alot of fun I think.
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    I think it sounds super fun!  Be sure to pass around by word of mouth that the reception will be low key.  That way, they can dress appropriately.
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    I think that sounds like a lot of fun!
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    I think games are a great alternative to dancing.  Croquet is my favorite outdoor game!!
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    I think all of those game sound like a blast. I am sure your guests will have a wonderful time!
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    Sounds like a great time to me.  I would definitely also spread the word so guests come ready to enjoy the games!
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    I think it's sound really fun! Especially if you create invites that reflect that town picnic type theme.I would recommend "old fashioned" games... such as potato sack races... wheel barrel races... a pie eating contest... Anything you would imaging for a hometown picnic. You could have a lemon-aid bar and boxed picnic lunches... (You can purchase the boxes at smart & final) You can even have an old fashioned candy bar with those candy shop candy sticks... I've see the games and candy at oriental trader.  It would be a really cute and fun wedding! Maybe you could even find a barber shop quartet that would sing during the games for free or even cheap. I know it would be a fun wedding to attend and especially to photograph! Feel free to email me if you need any help with these ideas. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! 

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