Postage Going Up :(

Just saw this on the Invites and Paper board...

Make sure to stock up on the liberty bell forever stamps for your STD's and TY notes.

Re: Postage Going Up :(

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    UGH i think those forever stamps are sooo ugly... hahaha I love to buy the super cute stamps but it is not as cute when you have to add those 2 cent stamps :(
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    Ugh! Thank you for letting us know. That is such a bummer!
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    If you order through the USPS store online- they have adorable 60 cent wedding cake designed stamps- since the majority of invites cost more than the standard envelope to send- think about buying those instead.
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    They are coming out with new Forever Stamps that feature pine trees or something. But I don't know if this is before or after the rate increase.
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