Are you having your groomsmen and groom dressed the same?? My FH will be having a tux with a blue vest and blue boutinere.  Do I have the groomsmen dress the same or are we supposed to have them dressed slightly different, like maybe a different vest??

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    My FI has a different tie than the groomsmen, but the same everything else.  I have pictures of their ties in my bio under attire.  I have seen a lot of people do a different vest and tie, or even something simple like a different boutineere (sp?).  You do not have to do anything different if you dont want to, everyone will know whilch one the groom is :-)

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    my groom is wearing an ivory vest & tie that matches (pattern-wise) the groomsmen's purple vests and ties...
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    ditto the groom will be in ivory vest/tie, but the groomsmen will be in navy vests/ties. (important for us since his twin brother is part of the bridal party).   :-)
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