Bridesmaids/Flowergirl - What do you say when you ask?

Ok, I'm not the most touchy feely girl that is good at writing how much people mean to them on cards. I've read about "how" people invite their bridal party to stand up, but what I really want to know is, what was said?  I get the "Will You Be My Bridesmaid - it would mean so much to me"... but beyond that - can anyone share some nice wording for the cards that I'll give them?  I'm especially at a loss with the flowergirls.  They're 5.  I already bought them cards so I should give them to them, but what can I say beyond will you be my flowergirl?  Thanks!

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Re: Bridesmaids/Flowergirl - What do you say when you ask?

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    I tried to write something to each girl about why she was important to me -- about her personality traits I like or something fun we did together. But some girls give gifts (flowers, wine etc.) that ask the question for them. I am having a hard time with the flower girls too! But I think I might do a mini-manicure or something to get them excited, so it's more than just standing in church. :)
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    in my cards i wrote why i was choosing them...some were funny stories, some were emotional but i made sure that each one was different...i made my cards and each girls card was different...for the flower girls you could always buy them silk petals from a craft store so that they can "practice" (that is if you will have them throw petals)
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