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Hi Ladies-I haven't been on here as much as I used to so if this has come up recently, I apologize.We are doing a wedding montage and I am wondering who else has done it themselves? If so, what software did you use? I've heard of programs I can buy that are fairly easy but don't know any names of good ones...One of my BMs actually had the software but her pc crashed...TIA!!
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Re: Wedding Montage

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    disneyfan0511disneyfan0511 member
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    I made one for our engagement party and I used Wondershare DVD and Slide Show Builder - it was easy and turned out really great. GL!
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    Hi there, not sure if you would be interested, but my FI does this; he charges $100 for a 5-minute photo montage, this includes 540-50 pictures, displayed for about 5 seconds each (anything longer than that would make it feel very long and drawn-out). You can select the music that you want for the montoage. You would get two custom-DVDs as well.He also has the following equipment available, if you're interested:   Projector/Screen and stand with DVD player - $250; this includes delivery, setup, breakdown, etc. 50" plasma and stand (with skirting) with DVD player - $295; this includes delivery, setup, breakdown, etc. Portable P.A. system would run an additional $75If you have any questions, you can email me at thame2010 (at) yahoo dot com.
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    I've used One True Media.  You can time your pictures per second and add additional media enhancements from their website.  I believe they charge $10/DVD.  It's a great site and user friendly!
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    We are just going to do ours in powerpoint and run it on a loop on a large flat screen tv throughout the night.  This way guest don't have to take 15 minutes out of the night to watch but can watch while waiting for a drink, talking, etc. 
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    Danaz1Danaz1 member
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    I used Windows movie maker which came with my computer. Really easy
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