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I am attempting to copy your branch centerpieces! They will go on about 10 tables. Could you please share some details: How tall were your vases? How many bags of Colorfill did you use? (I bought a bunch of the icy branches from Hobby Lobby, but I need to hand make some that will bend!) Did you have a problem with the stems not fitting into the vase opening? TIA!!

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    Sorry!!  Busy week at work :)Eiffel tower vases were 24" tall and I bought them from flower and supplies dot com.  Shipping was pricey, but the cost of the vases was the cheapest I could find.  Also, since they were so tall, no one had an obstructed view at the tables!Mom and me made some extra icy branches.  We bought the colorfill (about 2 bags) at Joann's and used Alene's tacky glue to adhere the "ice" onto the branches.  Super easy - just time consuming!We did have trouble making sure all the branches fit, so we wrapped the bottom of the branches in brown floral tape from Hobby Lobby (it matched the color of the branches) and they slippped in a lot easier.  We just jammed them into the colorfill that we added to the bottom of the vases to add some weight (I had some bad before wedding nightmares that they were going to tip over - never did!).  Also, to add some color, we decided at the last minute to add the hanging votive candle holders as vases instead of using candles (that was a no-no at Murphy).  My mom ordered pink, ivory and antique peach spray roses from Philip's Florist and added them to the "vases" between the ceremony and reception.  The roses matched my bouquet and the bouquets of my BM's almost perfectly!! We bought the Swarovski crystals from ethereal decor dot com and hung them on the branches.  They were beautiful (very sparkly) and helped some of the branches to dip down a little.  My mom had to cut some of the crystal strands and then added a small crystal "icicle" drop with a silver jump ring from the jewelry department from Hobby Lobby (or Michael's).  I loved my centerpieces - they gave Murphy a real winter wonderland feel and they weren't very expensive (so much cheaper than the quotes we were getting from preferred florists).  Hope that helps :)  Page me if you have any other questions!Erin
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    Thank you for the reply!! You've given me hope! I've checked Michaels, Hobby L, and Garden Ridge but didn't think of Joann's!! :)
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