Need advice for small court wedding

One of my friends is getting married at the Cultural Center in a few months and having a very small wedding of 15 people.  They were thinking of having an all day event--traveling throughout the city, taking pictures and doing touristy things, and eating dinner at the Signature Room in the evening.  They don't want to see a show or do anything where the guests do not interact and socialize.  (They are also having a large wedding out of the country.)Also, the bride doesn't know what she's going to wear for the court ceremony--a wedding dress or a nonwedding dress.  I am going to take all of the pictures for this ceremony and throughout the day.  Does anyone have any suggestions (or actual pictures) of what type of pictures to take after the ceremony that will be creative, especially if she doesn't wear a traditional wedding gown?They want this to feel more than just getting married by a judge and they asked me if I had any ideas.  So, I thought I'd ask you.  They are expecting to spend about $5K for 15 people.  Any ideas at all would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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    One of my must-takes is our wedding rings laying on the front page of the Chicago Tribune, right next to the date that's printed in the corner.  It's kind of a sideways shot where the camera is laying on the newspaper looking AT the rings.  Wish I had a pic.  I need to get better at saving pics I like.What about a brunch/lunch on The Odyssey or The Spirit of Chicago?  That will encompass a boat ride, narrated tour, and probably entertainment, since they have a dj on board.  I seriously considered doing my whole wedding & reception on The Spirit of Chicago.
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