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I have my invitations already put together, stamped and addressed.  I want to mail them on my birthday (Weds the 19th), just because.However, I am not sure what to put on the map insert to go inside.  Everyone is fairly local to the wedding, so there isn't a huge need for maps and directions.  I thought I would just create a small map with detailed directions from the church to the reception.How did others do this?  Did you take a map from mapquest, did you hand draw, did you print them yourself?  Our invitations were printed, and are very formal.TIA!

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    The fun is only beginning...wait til you start stalking the mailbox for the responses. hehe I had my invites made by someone else.  She used a map from mapquest and did directions from the church to the reception.  My reception gave me a map with directions on how to get there (from the north, south, east and west).  When my "designer" went to add that couldn't make out what was with that she also did mapquest.I'm not sure how she did it...but the map's edges were faded so that it wasn't a straight square box...if that makes any sense at all. ;0)Even though it was from went real well with our invites.  All of our inserts were printed from her regular ink jet printer...and people rave about how beautiful they are.Not sure if that helped at all...but hopefully it helped somewhat.
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    I hand-drew my map (which was not very functional, but it looked nice and fit the style of my invites, I thought.)  Pics in married bio under "DIY" link.You can either hand-draw yours or do it via wedding mapper or mapquest or whatever.  If you use a program like wedding mapper or mapquest, I would at least make the maps the colors of your invitations and print them on similar paper (linen or the same weight cardstock, whatever) to keep with the formality of your invitations.Good luck!
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    How to use Mapquest (or Google maps) with Word:
    7/10/10 imageDandy
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