Picture locations in oak park?

Hi Ladies,Do any of you know any good photo locations in Oak Park? My Fi and I are debating whether or not to go downtown to take pictures or in Oak Park. The decision to take pictures downtown or in Oak Park also determines the type of and the time we would need transportation (his godmother is gifting us transportation so we are not worried about costs) . TIA

Re: Picture locations in oak park?

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    We are getting married in Oak Park, but the reception is in Oak Brook, so we are unable to go downtown to take pictures due to the time crunch. Therefore, we will be taking pictures in Oak Park. We will take them at Scoville Park (where FI proposed), Austin Gardens Park, and by the Pleasant Home (provided there is not a function going on that day).
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    marion street and lake right by the el is really cool too! it is paved with brick and has cute shops.
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