Dress ship date

I ordered my dress in July and I know it will take 5 months or so to come in, but I was just wondering about how long on average it takes before the designer has a ship date? It's just so hard to patiently wait for it to come in and I want to know when to expect it!!! I ordered from Casablanca if that helps. Thanks!

Re: Dress ship date

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    I had a Casablanca dress too.  The dress shop estimated 6 months and I got it in 4.5.  But the shop didn't call me with a ship date or anything, they just called me when it was actually in.

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    I was told 6 and got it in just over 4.  HTH! 
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    I ordered my Casablanca in May and it's supposed to be in sometime in the next 2 weeks. I was told 4-6 months.
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