Inexpensive, but good bands...and a few other questions about the music...

So I am thinking for cocktails we want a jazz quartet, maybe to play through dinner, but then after dinner have a band, so not the full 6 hours, maybe 3 or 4...anyone know a band out there less than $4,000 that would do that?  Also, I am concerened about our walk-in and stuff...I mean, I hear DJ's are the best for that, because they are MC's...are there alternatives out there for that?  Thanks!

Re: Inexpensive, but good bands...and a few other questions about the music...

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    I was really happy with the Jeff Sandler Orchestra and they were right around that. We had 7 pieces, they played for 3 hours after dinner, and we had them also play the piano during cocktails and dinner. I thought he (Jeff) did a good job MCing, but we didnt really need a whole lot of that. Full review of them in my bio.
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    We used the Walk-Ins - don't know if it's the kind of band you're looking for, but during cocktail hour they played an acoustic set - just bongos, acoustic guitar and singing pretty much.Then they acted as our MC and just used their audio set up to play the MP3s of the song we wanted and introduced us and the bridal party.During dinner they didn't play but used their audio again to play more MP3s - things such as Sinatra and that vibe but they'll play whatever you want and then after dinner the actual full band played. They were great at getting people involved and a lot of fun.  They also coordinated everything throughout the night with our reception hall so we didn't have to worry about any of that.They will do all of this for under your price and will also be willing to learn a few songs for you if they don't know something you absolutely want played - if they don't think they can play it, they will play the MP3 version during one of their 15 min breaks.  You can see a list of some of the songs they typically play at their website.

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    I've plugged them here before, but we're using Back Third Events which does a dj/band combo thing. They're doing live music for the ceremony and cocktail hour, recorded music during dinner, and then band/dj after for dancing. For me, it seemed like the best balance of everything we wanted. Although we haven't actually had the wedding yet, they've been great to work with so far and they're very flexible about what they offer.www.backthirdevents.comGood luck!
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    I recently heard orchestra chicago and they were fun. i am not sure of the cost. i am having a destination wedding so i am not booking anyone in chicago. best of luck!
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