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My fiance and I have elected to, in order to both be more "green" and save money, have online only RSVP. There is only one person without internet, and it is his grandmother, and we know she'll be attending. My question is about wording. Guests will need to register on our website in order to assure that it is, indeed the person we invited. On the small card in our invite, we're trying to decide between: "Please RSVP by signing in on our website..." and "Please RSVP by registering on our website..." Is the word "registering" completely taboo or is it JUST when referring to gifts? I think "registering" is more accurate, but I don't want to be un-PC. Thanks for your input!
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Re: RSVP Wording question

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    Can you just say "Please visit our website to RSVP"? I don't think either "sign in" or "register" is necessary. When guests go to the website, they will realize they need to register and figure it out.
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    agree with pp...i'd say something like "please rsvp by visiting our website..."
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    ditto with pp. However, is the website user friendly? Will there be directions on how to register and will the directions be clear? Personally, there's nothing more frustrating than trying to do something online and not being able to figure it out. I'm definitely not tech savvy, so I may be an exception to the rule. But that would be a concern of mine as a guest.
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