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Out Of Town - Chicago "items"

Hey there!  Curious what you guys have or will be using for products in your out-of-town welcome bags left for the guests at the hotel...if you are choosing to do them.  So far I have Tootsie Pops, Dove candies, Quaker Granola bars, bottled water.  I wanted to find minibags of Jays Potato Chips, but can't find them.  I want to do a savory snack, but I'm thinking that making small bags of Garrett's would prove to be too expensive (and messy).  Thoughts???

Re: Out Of Town - Chicago "items"

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    My opinion would be to get some goldfish or pretzels if you want something savory and dont worry about how "Chicago" it is. I was going to try and do a Chicago themed OOT bag, but honestly once it got down to the logistics (I had over 40 bags to make), I just went to Costco and bought in bulk. People just want to be able to snack - they aren't going to care if its a Chicago based product, especially since many of these are national brands. The twist I added was getting cheap Chicago post cards and tying them to the bag as the welcome note.
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    I did actually go to Costco and bought in bulk. My mom check a local store by their house however and found minibags of Jays, so we're actually all set now! I know it doesn't matter if it's all Chicago, but I had easy success at Costco. Wanted to finish it out. But it's done now!
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    I’m doing Chicago Themed OOT bags, we ended up buying the Chicago skyline bags from Jewel (10 for $10) then purchased post cards and pens (also from Jewel) then I ordered Chicago skyline mugs  and then we are just going to get some random treats to go in including tootsie rolls, Jays potato chips, FI’s favorite Mints and some sort of cookie treat. We are doing about 30 bags so I’m trying to keep each bag under $10 HTH
    image Ready or not here we go !
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    It might be a good idea to do something that is truly local, supporting something small and local. I can't think of what that might be, but an artist, a local bakery, a local craftsman, or similar to add to the OOT bags
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