Affordable & Quality Boudoir Photographer

When I was planning my wedding a couple years ago I thought about doing a boudoir photoshoot as a surprise to my fiance but all the ones I found were too expensive or I was just too nervous to follow through.

Here I am 2.5 years later and about to celebrate my 11 year dating anniversary with my DH and the thought of boudoir came back to me.  Plus he's a pilot and always gone so I thought this would be to keep his thoughts on me while he's gone :)

Anyways, I came across Jenny Taylor Boudoir Photography and had my shoot yesterday.  If anyone in the Chicagoland area is thinking about doing this without spending a fortune, you need to do it with her.  She made me feel so comfortable and sexy.  I already emailed 3 friends that are getting married this summer to consider it.  She put three teaser photos of me on her Facebook page and I'm dying to get the rest.  Just wanted to share.
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