Holy Crap!

I just responed to a post and the little pic that comes up next to my screen name isn't me!!! It's another knottie.... just checking to see if it happens again.

STRANGE.... the knot is posessed today?

Re: Holy Crap!

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    OK it didn't happen in this format...
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    edited December 2011
    there are some serious IT issues with TK.  I'm not sure if TK is understaffed in the IT department or things just get overlooked, but it seems like the same issues happen over and over again (since I joined a year ago!).  When I was on TK back in 05', I don't recall things happening the way they do now.  Oh well, can't rely on technology! :)
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    MrsPapsMrsPaps member
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    this happened to one girl on my month board...ironically it showed up as Love is Bald instead of her name!
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