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My FI and I are strongly considering having our wedding and reception at the Oak Lawn Hilton in Oak Lawn, Ill.. Has anyone had their ceremony or reception there?? Pros and Cons welcome. Thanks and have  great Monday!!
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    A friend had her wedding there a few years ago.  I remember the venue was lovely and I don't have any real memory of the food, so I guess it wasn't overwhelmingly good or bad.  I think she was able to get a pretty decent rate on rooms.  The only problem I remember her having was guests were having a problem booking rooms in the block of rooms reserved for her wedding guests.  I think there had been some miscommunication between the wedding coordinator and the reservation people, but it was pretty easily resolved.
    Hope this helps!

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    I haven't been there, but a girl friend of mine said she was in a wedding there recently and the venue was really nice and that they had a great time.  She said the food was good.  Good luck! :)

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    The outside is not all that great looking, just looks like a regular hotel. But inside is absolutely lovely.
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