Do you ever wonder about people's taste/style?

I was surfing the interwebs for all stuff wedding related and there are some UGLY things out there. It made me wonder "what were they thinking?!?". 

On the other hand there are definitely things that I've seen that are so unique and simply gorgeous!

What is an example of each that you've seen?

Please do a PIP if you have one!
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Re: Do you ever wonder about people's taste/style?

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    I can't PIP it, but we went to look at an actual wedding set up in our venue & they did a candy buffet, but left all the candy in the plastic containers from sams, complete with 1/2 torn off labels.  If you're only going to 1/2 do something, why do it?

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    PAIF/SAIF welcome!
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    Yes, every day of my life.  Perhaps that is because I am a teacher and I work with some people who look like they rolled out of bed and came straight to work, ha!!  I don't have a picture either, but one of the worst things I have seen at a wedding wasn't really the bride and groom's fault.  It was a guest.  Not only did he wear jeans and a man-tank complete with Harley Davidson logo to the wedding, but he proceeded to stand on the church pews during the ceremony and on his chair at the reception so he could "get a better look".  I would have been mortified if it had been my wedding!
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    I had a thread on things that just are not your style and this is one of the things I posted.

    A childhood friend married a girl who had questionable taste.  It was so bad that when she arrived at the church, the minister refused to allow them to marry in the sanctuary because of her attire.  They had to have the ceremony in the church basement.  FYI her dress was similar to the picture but with a tulle skirt over it. 

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    shediva- That reminds me of those Pnina Tornai dresses on Say Yes to the Dress... hooker Tinkerbell.

    I really like the DIY board, but some of it is... interesting. I don't want to PIP, but sometimes people post stuff that's, well, clearly DIY. Don't get me wrong, there is a ton of beautiful stuff there, but there are also some interesting projects.
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    We recently had our tasting and the venue set up sample tables of upgraded linens and they set up a table that looked like NYE threw up all over it. It had a black tablecloth, all of the napkins were different colors (red, blue, green, yellow...)

    Something that I do like is damask patters! I never thought about them until I came on here and some of the things that Chicago knotties do with that as their "Theme" is gorgeous.

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    SheDIva, I can't believe someone would actually wear that!!!

    I second mandybear on the DIY board. I've seen some hideous stuff on there and everyone is all like "it looks so amazing how do I make that". If you're going to DIY, step 1 should be download a new font that does not come standard with old versions of microsoft word.
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