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We are spending tomorrow at Pre Cana...anyone care to share their experience with me? we have no idea what to expect.

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    We did our Pre Cana at a church in Arlington Heights.  I found it to be generally useful and interesting, if not exactly ground breaking.  Ours was lead by two lay couples and there were probably about 20-25 engaged couples there.

    A lot of the day was fairly religion-neutral.  We talked a lot about things like communication skills, resolving conflicts, being on the same page about finances, having/raising children, and other important decisions.  The day alternated between the leaders talking about their experiences and facilitating discussions, and the couples breaking off on their own to do exercises in a workbook.  DH and I had been dating for 8 years at this point, so we had already discussed a lot of the issues.  Still, I thought it was useful to go through the exercises.

    Towards the end they did talk about religion more.  They talked (very high level) about Natural Family Planning and encouraged us to sign up for an additional NFP course.  At the end there was an opportunity for people to share life experiences when they felt God's presence. 

    Hope that helps.  Feel free to ask if you have more questions.
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    We went a couple of weeks ago.  Honestly, it wasn't quite as bad as I expected.  The couple that facilitated our session was very nice, but kind of scatterbrained so they went off on some tangents that were kind of useless.  The morning session we did a bunch of exercises in our workbook (yes, there is a workbook).  They would have everyone do it individually, then have each couple talk about it together, then have your table all talk about it. 

    The afternoon was the dreaded natural family planning talk, some financial stuff and a lot of talk about children.  They weren't too preachy with the NFP stuff, though it did go on way longer than I would have liked.  They had us spend a bunch of time talking to each other about how we felt about those topics. 

    Overall, most of it was stuff FI and I have already talked about, but it was kind of nice to be forced to talk about some of it again.  They made us write a letter to each other before lunch about how we were feeling as our wedding approached and then we were supposed to talk about it at lunch.  I thought that was probably the most important thing we did all day - FI and I had a really great talk at lunch. 

    It was long but didn't feel like 7-8 hours.  There wasn't a ton of lecturing like I expected.  Our group was big - probably 60-70 people.  Even though we had to go, I'm glad that we did it.

    Good luck with it! 
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    ours is at the house of one of the priests from the church with 2 other couples. I'm not looking forward to the NFP part of it and ours is from 9a-3p. I appreciate the feedback!!
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    We are starting next St. Clement, they don't make you pay for it if you do their program.  It's 2 hours every tuesday for a month at the home of a couple that belongs to the church.

    We'll see!
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