Custom Dress Makers?

Has anyone had a dress made?  I'm looking for recommendations for a seamstress/dress designer that can work with heavy Chinese silk fabric.

Thank you!

Re: Custom Dress Makers?

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    I haven't, but you might want to check on Etsy.
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    You also might want to check with Mary Catomy...depending on when your wedding is.  She has made a ton of dresses, she did my alterations and I saw quite a few pics of dresses she made.
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    DO NOT USE AN INTERNET PROVIDER. I got hosed over good by one.

    She delivered a piece of crap after making me wait 17 weeks for what looked like it took one week to make.

    I thought I was safe using someone in the U.S. ----NOT TRUE.

    She said she would give me a refund since I wasn't happy and then stopped communicating with me. Basically ripped me off for 600. She did not produce the dress I sent her pictures of, I sent 50 pics.

    I ended up suing her in small claims court in Nashville, and she didn't even show up in court to defend herself or her work.

    I won the case but she won't pay me now.

    Just go with someone local that you can meet with and have fittings with and someone with a good reputation or a bridal gown manufacturer through a reputable bridal salon.

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