wedding gown alterations and dry cleaning

Hi girls,

Congratulations to all of you on getting married!   I am new to this website.  One of my vendors recommended to register on this website and said girls here are a great help to each other

So, I need help... I just got a great dress from a sample sale in Macy's that was 50% off, so instead of $2000 I paid $1000.   But, the dress is size 10 and I am size 2, so it needs to be altered.  It also needs to be dry cleaned well as it was a sample dress.   Macy's told me they will charge me $500 for alterations and also recommended Davis Emperial Dry Cleaner that I know is very pricey... but the thing is, this alltogether will cost same price as if I bough a new dress from them.   So I refused their service and am gonna take care of it myself

I am going to see Mary Catomy (she got good reviews here and on yelp).   I need to have my dress dry cleaned before I see her though.   I am looking for a reasonably priced and reliable dry cleaner.   I was hoping to pay around $100-150, not more

Please let me know if you know any good dry cleaners for wedding dresses


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