Lake Geneva Bachelorette

Not only do I get to walk down the aisle this year, I also get to be MOH for my friend's wedding. She wants her bachelorette party in Lake Geneva. Anyone  attend a LG Bachelorette before? What did you do? What was the itin?
We are planning a one day trip only with limo transportation back and forth. I am aware of the Male Revue at Sugar Shack but that will only take about an hour or so.


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    duckie1905duckie1905 member
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    When we've gone we've always gone to the show (and we are usually there longer than an hour) Hogs and Kisses after.  Usually a pretty happening bar by the time we get there.

    We've always gotten dinner at Gino's, then gone to the later show (I think there are two on Fridays and Saturdays).  We've never been there for just an hour (usually we are there for two-drinking before and after the show) so I'm not sure what to tell you about that.  Then, we hit up Hogs and Kisses until last call.

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    Thanks...I was looking for the name of the best bar to go to afterhours.
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    I went to a bachlorette party there where we stayed at the Grand Geneva, which was awesome!  I would recommend Hogs and Kisses, as well as Champs for after the Sugar Shack...other than that, there's not a ton of bars...make sure you get the booze for the hotel room before 9, since most places don't sell it for purchase after that.
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